And so I feel ready to talk about talent, study, passion and emotions.

For many years, I practiced Architecture as my profession. I received my Doctorate degree in Architecture from Politecnico di Torino; my thesis was researching the urban development of the country of Singapore.

And thank to that I’ve learnt one of the biggest life lessons: working with a tight-knit team is not only useful but totally necessary to fly high. Exchanging, sharing ideas and letting the energy flow rises up the human being.

Because of my background and training, I view every object as a structure, an idea, a project.

Being an architect has taught me to always seek beauty, a concept that is difficult to define because, as soon as you make such an attempt, that definition may escape you. I feel strongly, however, that we have a duty to always strive for that unpredictable beauty. Beauty is not impartial or unbiased. For me, seeking beauty has always been an act of morality and a gesture of peace. This is not an easy task to accomplish. It has taken me years and years of practice, and there is a risk at times that you will lose your way if you don’t turn to the help of a device that I would call a blind compass. This guide can help you stay on the path or find it if you stray. And, then, there is creativity: the driving force, the art that unleashes ideas. Ideas that can come only when you have the courage to allow them to be and then fearlessly take a risk and test them.

This then is how BagLady by Elena Carena® bags are born almost silently, but with courage, surprise, and utmost wonderment. The BagLady by Elena Carena® line aligns with my sense of freedom of expression – with coherence – what the French call fil rouge, or a common thread. It is what I always search for. But sometimes this fil rouge becomes entangled, only to be recovered and then eventually unraveled because this is how coherence of life works. I love beauty, every form of creativity, and the craziness of this life. It is from the union of these three passions that my current challenge has been born: to give the gift of emotions.

“…I love beauty, every form of creativity, and the craziness of this life…”

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