My cross-styled and sophisticated designer line BagLady by Elena Carena®

BagLady by Elena Carena®, my line of women’s bags, intended for the woman that is determined, feminine, worldly, ironic, interested in today’s world. For the woman that loves a fashionable, exquisite, yet usable and long-lasting product.

Extensive study of materials and a detailed design process are combined with a passion for nature to create unexpected embroidery motifs on precious fabrics such as silk, velvet, linen, cotton, hemp, and fine leather. With an attentive and eclectic eye, I try to transform every detail into singular pieces for the woman who understands and appreciates the craftsmanship behind her purchase of a BagLady by Elena Carena® item.


Enhancing the material to make it a unique and sought after product is the basis of my creations.

From design concept in our fashion studio to production by our in-house seamstresses, we take pride and joy in creating, sewing, cutting, and embroidering a perfect BagLady by Elena Carena® article. Lots of work – yes – but at all times done with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Always on the lookout for new style ideas, I am in the process of creating a line of accessories of scarves, gloves, and shoes to complement my bags.

My designer line, BagLady by Elena Carena®, is for all those who love beauty and appreciate the creativity and labor of love required to produce unique, handmade items.

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